Tomorrow Will Follow Today

by Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

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Geoff Pink
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Geoff Pink Fantastic vocal, stories , tales. The music behind is driving and soulful. The guitar playing is just great, wish I could play alike.
Great stuff guys , thank you

Geoff Favorite track: The Robber Bridegroom.
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Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman are proud to announce their album "Tomorrow Will Follow Today" , their boldest musical statement to date. After being voted "Best Duo" in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2013, and also nominated for "Best Original Song" (The Ballad of Andy Jacobs), in ‘Tomorrow Will Follow Today’ they add two rarely covered traditional songs to eight confidently written compositions to create a superb new album.

‘A forceful emergence as songwriters par excellence’. - fRoots Magazine

“Amongst the very best. Everything about this album oozes quality”. Folk UK Radio

‘These guys are something very special’ - Acoustic Magazine

'As a guitarist, producer and co-songwriter, Sean Lakeman is one of the unsung heroes of modern British folk' - MOJO 

'From the brooding protest of the title track (like Dylan’s “Masters Of War”) to Roberts’ lovely piano ballad “A Song To Live By” - with a charm reminiscent of the McGarrigles’ - UNCUT


released February 10, 2015

Produced and recorded by Sean Lakeman



all rights reserved


Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman England, UK

Two of the British Folk music’s most accomplished performers, Kathryn and Sean have graced stages the world over in a number of guises, however, the intimacy and strength of passion shown as a duo, combined with an eclectic repertoire ensures a rare treat.

Over a twenty year career Kathryn and Sean have established themselves as pillars of modern British folk.
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Track Name: Child Owlet
Child Owlet
Trad.Arr Roberts / Lakeman

Lady Erskine sits all in her room sewing a silken seam
A chain of gold for Child Owlet as he goes out and in
It fell once upon a day, she turned to him and sweetly said
"You must cuckold your old uncle, come into my bed ".

"Oh stop forbid Madam" he said “How could that be done?
I wouldn't cuckold Lord Ronald for I'm his sister's son".
She's taken out a little knife that lay beneath the marriage bed
And stabbed below her satin dress until the blood ran red.

That poor young man, poor young man.

Then in came old Lord Ronald hearing his Lady moan.
"What blood is this upon the floor that drips on the hearthstone?"
"Child Owlet, your sister's son, has only just gone from my door,
If I hadn't have been a good woman I'd have been Child Owlets whore."

He's taken poor Child Owlet put him in prison strong
And all his men a council held, how they would work him wrong.
Some said they would see him hang, some said they would see him burn
Some said they would see that young man between wild horses torn.

"There are horses in my stable stand can run so speedily,
And you must go to my stable and bring out four for me."
He tied a horse to his two feet and tied a horse to either hand
And sent them charging down the moor as fast as they could run.

There was not a place upon the moor nor yet a strip of ground
Not covered over with his blood and pieces of his skin.
Not a place upon the moor, a blade of grass or holly bush
Not covered over with his blood and pieces of his flesh.
Track Name: 52 Hertz
52 Hertz

I've been roaming the ocean, singing my song
It seems I've been singing it in the wrong key.
My voice is too high, the verses too short,
None of my kind seem to know about me
I might be a Fin whale or maybe a Blue
Perhaps I'm invisible under the sea
Swim from Alaska down to the Bay
But none of my kind seem to know about me.

52 Hertz, 52 Hertz, and it hurts me for 52 weeks of the year.
52 Hertz, 52 Hertz, I'm singing a love song that no-one can hear.

For twenty long years I've haunted these waters
Following upwellings, wandering free
Singing for hours to find my companions
None of my kind seem to know about me.

I cross the Pacific, calling and calling
And if there are answers perhaps I don't hear them
But I'll keep searching though I reached the conclusion

I might be the last, I'm lost and I'm lonely
All of my family gone from the sea
Pulled up the slipway before I could find them
None of my kind seem to know about me.
Track Name: A Song To Live By
A Song To Live By

Try and always be the one with the brightest smile
Even when you feel like a cloudy day
You might not have been the leader in a while
Never mind friends will come your way.

Try and always be the one with the brightest smile
Even when it seems no-one will play your game
It is the one thing that is never out of style
So wear it and the world will learn your name.

Be a ray of sun, be a drop of rain
Be the kindest one and show your smile again.

Try and always be the one with the brightest smile
Even if you're tired and you're sitting on your own.
The warmth inside you burns as fiercely as a fire
Friends will gather round you'll never be alone.

Be a gentle hand, be a lullaby
Be a marching band and teach yourself to fly
And be a soaring bird through the open blue
Be a loving word, do the best you can do.

So try and always be the one with the brightest smile
Keep one in your pocket for whenever you feel down
And when you feel like tears are falling from your eyes
Just remember I will always be around.
Track Name: Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Tomorrow Will Follow Today

No-one is safe, no-one is secure
No-one is certain, no-one is sure
The men at the top tell us everything's fine
And tomorrow will follow today
Out with the old ways and in with the new
Let's give our teachers so much more to do
Then we'll sit back and force them to strike for their pay
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today.

We'll increase your cages and lengthen your chains
Tell you it's different while it stays the same
Lower your wages and give you the blame
‘Cos’ tomorrow will follow today.

We'll sell off the railways, banks and the post
we'll sell to our colleagues who'll pay out the most
And we'll see if the country will rise and complain
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today
Winter is hard for young and for old
The choice you face is to eat or be cold
Our friends have decided their prices they'll raise
And tomorrow will follow today

We'll get together and drink to your health
As the country gets poorer and we grow in wealth
We'll tell you to work hard, there's no time for play
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today
We'll take away hope, we'll take away choice
We'll silence the champions of those with no voice
For we are the hunters and you are our prey
And tomorrow will follow today.
Track Name: La Moneca
La Moneca ( Queen of the Island of Dolls )

Out on the waters of Xochimilco
We live on a raft of the lake.
A small floating garden made years ago
But it's home to the family.
Left by their owners, gathered by me
They are broken, unwanted, unloved.
I give them all beds in the juniper trees
And they watch from the branches above.

La Moneca, La Moneca, porcelain, perfect and small.
La Moneca, La Moneca, Queen of the island, the Island of Dolls

I couldn't save her, poor tiny girl
Now I see her wherever I go
I visit the place I imagine she fell
And my dolls tell me things I can't know

La Moneca is the queen of them all
And I keep her beside me all night
Her body is blistered and peeling away
But she whispers to me
That I'll be alright.

If you should journey along this canal
And you hear a soft sound on the breeze
Say here and listen , you might hear a song
From my forgotten dolls in the trees.
Track Name: Down, Dog!
Down, Dog!

The young boy dreamt of making a difference
Of being a leader of men
Guiding the houses of power
Making a change with the stroke of his pen.
He fulfilled all expectation
With the best education money can buy.
Climbing the rungs of the ladder
Stepping on fingers and pushing aside

Oh, what did they say?
Oh, did they lead you astray?

The dog dreams of biting the master
To choke down the fingers that keep him alive.
Down, dog! back where you came from
Do as you're told if you want to survive.

Where are the noble intentions?
Where is the man of his word?
Where is the young man who planned on singing the anthems
Of those who aren't heard
Were is the unbroken promise?
Where is the moment of truth?
Were is the man who was honest?

The man thinks he's making a difference
He thinks he's a leader of men
Guiding the people of power
Changing the world with stroke of his pen
Track Name: Rusalka

Do you find me beautiful, do you think I'm fair
Can you see the river weeds that tangle through my hair
Do you like my green eyes, can you see them shine
Linger by my riverside and I will make you mine

Come to me, come to me come and keep me company
One more step and you'll be free
Come, come to me

In this month of roses, underneath dark skies
If you listen closely you will hear my hunting cries
You must catch some fish to feed your daughters, wives and sons
I must catch myself a man to feed my little ones

Come to me, come to me, come and keep me company
Take my hand and you will see
Come, come to me

Underneath the birch trees, in this lonely place
Wear ferns for your protection or drown in my embrace
If you should avenge me, if my hair should dry
If I should be caught away from water I would die

But til then I'll wander, catching when I can
I must let my children feast upon the bones of man

Come to me, come to me, come and keep me company
From the river to the sea, come, come to me
Track Name: The Banishing Book
The Banishing Book

A young man in our town he went to bed one night
No sooner had he laid down than was troubled
So vigorously his spirit stood let him do what he can
He said "I think it must be tamed by woman."

By woman not by man, by woman not by man
He said "I think it must be tamed by woman not by man."

A pretty girl did undertake and into bed she leaped
To calm the spirits power close she crept
And having such a guardian care her office to discharge
She opened wide her Banishing Book and laid there.

She laid her leaves at large, she laid her leaves at large
She opened wide her Banishing Book and laid her leaves at large.

Her duty she well performed within a little space
Then up she got and he dared not show his face
They said goodbye and off she went when she had done the deed
Saying "if it comes again then call for me"

Call for me with speed, call for me with speed.
If it comes again then you must call or me with speed.
Track Name: The Robber Bridegroom
The Robber Bridegroom
Trad.Arr. Roberts/Lakeman

Go bring to me your dowry love
And some of your fathers gold besides
That you may ride along with me
And be made next day my lovely bride

She took the dowry, she took the gold
The appointed night came very soon
And away she's gone to the trysting tree
By the pale light of the rising moon

She's come in first to the trysting tree
Said “In the leaves above I'll hide
To surprise my love so that when he comes
He will wonder where is my lovely bride"

She waited a while as she sat hid
She saw two men below her feet
Her love she saw in the pale moonlight
As he dug a grave below the tree

They waited a while but she never stirred
And at last they left their dreadful plan
And when they both had safely gone
She slipped from the tree and home she ran

A week went by, her love she met
At a neighbours house to pass the time
The lads and girls they jest and played
And asked each other riddles and rhymes.

Her false love whispered “Where were you love
The night I waited in vain for you?"
"I'll answer that" this girl replied
"If you'll answer me this puzzle true"

One moonlit night as I lay hid
I looked for one but two came there
The boughs did bend and the leaves did shake
For to see the hole the fox did make

His colour changed and up he rose
He saw his treachery made so plain
Out of the doors into the night
Never seen in those parts again.
Track Name: Soft The Morning Sun
Soft The Morning Sun

Soft the morning sun, floating in
Drifts across my skin and it moves the shadows on
Brings the day, burns the night away.
Sweet the song at dawn, ends the tears
Brings a sea of calm and the fears of night belong
To yesterday as I watch and wait

And I wonder what this year will bring for us
As I look for the promise of spring
Valentine's Day seems a lifetime to wait

Til your home and in my bed
We'll close the door on the cruel world
You'll be mine for those few days
As you wait to be called away

And who knows what tomorrow will bring for us
As we wait for the coming of spring
The seasons go round, the same reason are found to fight on

Never marry a brave man
A man who is lost to a cause
Each night on your own will seem like a week
As you wait for the knock at the door.

I wait for news each night
Hoping just to see your face
And to know you're still alright
You are mine and I miss you

But I know you'll be thinking about me though you're on the
Far side of the world
The same moon rises, the same sun sets on us all.